About me
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I’m Tiwana Bell, a Graphic & Web Designer.

About Me & My Work

I’m a freelance designer with corporate sensibility, corporate hours, and great-big capabilities. I’m enthusiastic, fun and direct. I like being part of your team, making your job easier, and helping your organization grow. I’m especially fond of higher education and corporate clients who love brand standards as much as I do. Truth be told, identity manuals make me nauseous!


While raising my family, I have spent the last 12 years growing my business and helping others unlock their full potential in entrepreneurship as a web/graphic designer and marketing specialist. I bring a “Get it Done!” perspective as I encourages clients to use their gifts to create powerful businesses while yet following their dreams. I blend high-energy, humor, and a cut-to-the-chase style with motivation and encouragement. My practical techniques save clients time and frustration while helping them to achieve their goals. I have had the honor and privilege to serve clients all over the United States. Today I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, currently pursing an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications and I offer a wide range of business services – from web and graphic design, printing, to individual business and marketing coaching and now keynote speeches.

Why the name? What does P:31 mean?

P:31 Design Studios name was birthed from the bible chapter Proverbs 31. It symbolizes todays women who can achieve anything! Throughout my 37 years of life I have most definitely gone through some things! Some good and some bad….but I thank God for the strength, determination and resilience He has instilled in me to keep going no matter what. Being an entrepreneur is far from easy but is definitely worth it! As a woman and a mother, sometimes life gets hard but I’m always reminded of the Proverbs 31 woman who knew what she wanted, believed that she could do it and didn’t let anything stop her from going after just that! P:31 Design Studio is here to remind you to keep dreaming & keep rising! You have value, you are precious and you are a woman with great strength & POWER! It’s time to go after your dreams!


See you at the top!


The Team

5 Kids, 1 Dog & Some Plants!

I’m the only designer, but I do have some help around the house. I mean, it would be lonely working in a room all alone, right? Between the expert of distractions (my children) and my champion lap warmer (my dog), it’s always bound to be an interesting day in the office!







With a degree in Theology from Anchor Theological seminary, pursing a Graphic Communications degree and experience designing for a variety of clients – restaurants, museums, retail, beauty brands, makers, and more – I’m ready to solve any design problem thrown my way.

Before I design, I have to research. I research your competitors, similar industries, opposite industries, and everything in between. I gather inspiration and talk with you about your goals and vision. Communication is a core component of my process, because without you, there is

no process. We work as partners to revise on proposed concepts and create something that’s not only beautiful – it’s a solution to a problem. So go ahead, send me a message about your project and let’s work together to make something great.

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Drop me a line!

E-mail is typically the best and fastest way to reach me! I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours. So go ahead, shoot me a message and let’s chat!

    Say Hello

    Let’s Collaborate!

    Wanna get a quote? The more info you can share about you and your project the better! Wanna chat design? I’m an open book and down for a good convo!

    Whether you’re ready to start your next project or just want to say hello, I appreciate the time you take to reach out. Drop me a line and I will personally respond as soon as possible.